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What should we do about mobile phones?

Should we change our mobile phone policy?

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Classcraft Review and the search for the GUSITS

Teachers should try something new every term. With the plethora of IT related products out there in the education industry now, this is not a difficult proposition. This term I have been trying Classcraft. Classcraft is a game that helps you establish and reinforce a positive classroom environment. You sign up your class. The students log in… Continue reading Classcraft Review and the search for the GUSITS

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This will Revolutionize Education

This is a link to a quick presentation I showed before a whole staff PD session on using ICT in the classroom. I still love watching it. This will Revolutionize Education. The main job of a teacher is to inspire, to challenge, to excite their students to want to learn The most important thing a… Continue reading This will Revolutionize Education