Six tips for being an active online learner.

An attempt to get our students to engage more during remote learning.

Drouin Secondary College

Here is what your teachers are finding frustrating about teaching online via Webex.

  • I’m finding it really hard to engage students at times verbally- they feel like they are talking to a brick wall- even when I cold call students.
  • Really easy for kids to opt-out (turn their webcams and mics off) and blame other things, like the internet, laptop problems, etc.
  • Students who just refuse to engage, will not turn on camera or mic
  • Webcams – students do not turn them on – low engagement
  • A phenomenal amount of time spent on emails – detracting from time spent on creating engaging online tasks.

Here is what some of you are saying via student surveys:

  • The teachers just talk and talk and talk.
  • You can’t ask a question without everyone else hearing or seeing.
  • We are getting too much work.

We know students have worked out that you can turn…

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