What do students need to remember?

Leadout Education Consulting

In an excellent blog on Knowledge Organisers in Primary Schools Jon Brunskill has outlined how he uses Knowledge Organisers.

Knowledge Organisers are an overview curriculum document that serves three purposes.

  1. As a planning tool for the teacher.
  2. As a resource for the child and parent.
  3. As an assessment tool.

A knowledge organiser is a summary document that tells teachers, students and parents exactly what students need to know by the end of the unit. Students are expected to commit the knowledge organiser to memory.

Here is the example Jon used.

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-16-57-05.pngI’m unsure of the need for students to commit so much detail to memory.

In the Google age, how important is it to know the significance of July 20th, 1969. Perfect for trivia nights but is it powerful to know?

What about Nov 16th, 2011.

Is the date the Apollo 11 crew were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour worthy…

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