How do we teach?

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The Education landscape is littered with false dichotomies.

I am reluctant to perpetuate another one but I am also really interested in what teachers would say about where the balance between these two forms of instruction should lie.

Imagine there were only 2 modes of teaching. Yes, we know there are more but just imagine there are only 2.

Teacher Mode A

Teacher Mode B

You explain
You model
They practice
You check and give feedback
Test them.
Test them again a bit later.                                            teachcent.jpg
Explore; Discover
Hands-on experience
Inspire some AWE
Go off piste
Make things; do projects; set open ended tasks; give choices Project-Based-Learning-Photo

Modes were developed by Tom Sherrington

I’m sure you will agree that most teachers work in both modes.

Yes sometimes they will work in both…

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