Behavior Management: Learnings from the blogosphere.

Leadout Education Consulting

The education blogosphere is an rich source of professional reading for teachers and administrators.

One of my personal favorite bloggers is Tom Sherrinton. His blog https://headguruteacher.com/ is is followed by nearly 45,000 educators. The blog has over 2.5 million reads. Tom has a big following. He is the headteacher of  Highbury Grove School in England.

Tom writes on all aspects of education but I have particularly enjoyed following his posts about Behavior Management.

The first post I suggest you read is Behavior Management: A Bill Rogers Top 10. It gives a good insight into Tom’s philosophy of classroom management.

It was interesting to see Bill Rogers being referenced in a British Blog. Bill Rogers came to our Australian Country School when I was a third or fourth year teacher in 1990 which was a long time ago. I thought he’d gone out of fashion but clearly he is still going strong. He…

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